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Malo and Yscloskey, The River and Harbor Act of 26 August.

Jun 18, Please remove the option to put bushes on tanks or make an option to choose if you can see them or not, cuz its clearly pay2win and op to hide your tanks and weakspots Sorry i suck and i have to camo well my sdkfz /4 to kil T34 and IS3. Sep 11, No, bushes are not P2W, no bushes do not hide your tank, and no bushes don't ruin the game. Bushes barely even fit in on most maps, they're either too dark or too bright, they're mostly there to satisfy everyone wanting to mimic German tanks from WW2.

Bushes also don't effectively hide your tank, sometimes increasing the profile of it instead. Hell most places it just tells you you can't place bushes here. Bushes should be removed from the game, and instead unlockable skins should exist with foliage included - maybe a couple premium skins and a couple unlockable by anybody. Most tanks above the Jumbo can pen it outright frontally, after all. Whether you see it or not, it's a vast issue. Even the ability to acquire your target first is huge in War thunder.

In my eyes, from spending + on both warthunder and WOT, prenium ammo is only slightly a higher issue then bushes on tanks.

You can apply that Bush to all tanks in your garage, without removing from previous tank. But only once per tank, as in can't put that bush three times to cover whole side. For that you need three different bushes.