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Cut the 5 main branches in half.

Dec 18, With arching branches, gooseberries grow to around feet high and across and do well in cooler climates hardy to USDA zone 3. They can become tangled and unhealthy without pruning gooseberry plants.

The question is how to prune a gooseberry bush. Read on to find out when to prune gooseberries and other information about gooseberry pruning.

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If you cut them back to three buds, you will get more, smaller fruit. Note: Red and whitecurrants are pruned as a bush in the same way. They are naturally more upright, so it is fine to prune them back to an outward facing bud, even if it is facing downwards. Browse Gooseberry Bushes. Mar 29, 1. Prune back all but 5 branches during the first year.

Start pruning year-one gooseberry bushes in the early spring. Choose 5 of the strongest and thickest-looking stems coming off the main stem of the bush. Use a pair of sterilized hand shears to cut away the other growth to the main stem of the plant. [1]Views: 13K.

Jan 13, First cut out the dead and diseased wood, then remove any very low branches. Then start to open up the middle of the bush. If you can, look for whole branches that appear to be the oldest and cut these out. Try to eliminate branches that are crossing or growing towards the centre of the bush.

Cut back the new growth on leaders by half. When you cut back gooseberries for the first time, select these shoots and cut them back to about 10 inches in spring. All other branches are cut at the base. In the following year, prune the berry bush so that eight to twelve main shoots are formed.

All surplus branches are again cut off at. Dec 01, You can create one or many new plants each season. Taking Cuttings from Gooseberry Bushes. When you are taking cuttings from gooseberry bushes, be sure that they are hardwood cuttings.

Hardwood cuttings provide a reliable means of growing gooseberry from cuttings. You need to take the cuttings during the plant’s dormant season. Apr 10, Last year our gooseberry bushes suffered serious American gooseberry mildew, but I made a plan to tackle it. This February, RB and I each took our masakuni shears and cut back all the old wood in both our currant and gooseberry bushes. The result was nice, open, goblet shaped bushes, ready for production.

With spring. Place the bushes 5 feet apart each for proper air circulation, with 8 feet between rows. Gooseberry bushes are self-fertile, so you don’t have to plant two or more plants together for a good crop as you do other berries. One plant will do. Soil Requirements. Gooseberries need moist, well-draining soil. Jul 31, The best time to prune a mature gooseberry bush is in late winter or early spring when the plant is dormant, just before the vigorous growth of spring when healing will be quick.

X Research source You may wish to delay pruning until after the buds open, because the thorny thicket of an unpruned bush will be more of a deterrent to birds that Views: 22K.